A platform for knowledge worker education

Journey Learning to educate Japan’s nextgen knowledge workers

Japan’s institutions of higher education are faced with a mission of critical importance : to educate a generation of knowledge workers that have the mindset, skills and knowledge required to take industry to the next level of global competitiveness. A new learning style that we call Journey Learning is called for. dotcampus facilitates Journey Learning and enables instructors and staff work in concert to educate the next gen knowledge workers.


“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”

Platform Principles

Learn more about the 3 core principles that guide us in the development of dotCampus and how they relate to educating Japan’s future knowledge workers.

Increase Active Learning
Encourage Student Centered Learning
Clarify Competencies

Full Support LMS

Educating future knowledge workers

We’ve worked with Japanese university instructors to create an LMS with the right features that is easy to use.

Unlike open-source LMS we guarantee 100% support for the entire dotCampus system.

Always Improving

How often is your campus’ LMS being updated ?

The dotCampus development team is relentless in applying the Kaizen mindset of continuous improvement, releasing a new version of dotCampus incorporating customer feedback and new features every 6 month!